Sunday, January 31, 2016

Through the darkened forest Molly wandered in the hopes of abating the nagging hole in her heart. It was to no avail, for the indentation left by his absence was too deep to be cured by walks and forgetfulness. She entered her empty (albeit well decorated) home and allowed gravity to take her, once again, to a seated position. And as the tears welled up and spilled on her cheeks she whispered “Why did i let you get your hands on my insides?” and she hid her face from the nothingness that had invaded.

!APHORISM! Pair of Stone Cats
Cherry house-Lovebirds photography props Gacha- Cage Turquoise Sofa
{Lyrical}- Seed Of Inspiration Dress Mannequin
*HEXtraordinary* Pygmy Goats -Cou Blanc
*YS&YS European Taste Set- Rug 2, Pouf 4
-STRIKE IT- Spring Dreams - Gold Mirrors RARE
[ zerkalo ] True Love - Birdcage, Pillow
Fiasco - The Sofie Set- Bed, Bench, Diamond

::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Kendall
Essenz - Maine
::chocolate.Atelier.:: Thea Bodysuit *Pink*

@ Gacha Garden Starting February 1

Other Decor:
tarte. upcycled easel lights (periwinkle)
floorplan. jack's scattered manuscript
floorplan. bunny clock / blue
floorpan. why aren’t we having sex yet? sign
NOMAD // Vintage Mannequins
Kalopsia - Hanging Stars
[keke]- three daughters
[ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit - Glasses with Candles
The Loft- Lux Wall Divider- Rose
-David Heather-Lars Bag/Nude

Pose:  [Shi.S.] I must cry Pose @ The Pose Lovers Event

Saturday, January 30, 2016

"i appreciate you" she whispers, hands fumbling on cigarettes. "sometimes i just forget" she looks up and down and here and there but not to the right places. the walls are yellow, her fingernails are pink and chipped. in this instant she is uncomfortable, sometimes reality is too much. she exhales slowly, lazy.

Zafair - Culotte High Waist - Ornament
Dead Dollz SingleVSTaken Night Out- Abby Bra RARE - @GachaGarden Starting February 1
fri. - Macey.Platforms & Socks @Uber
Lode- Flowers Balts Big Rouge
Kalopsia - Red Riding Hood- Wolf Mask
© the danger that lurks
Maira Gall